The Presso coffee maker is a new way to make quality espresso at home. In fact if boiled water and coffee grounds are available you can make coffee almost anywhere.

By adding warm milk you can also make great cappuccino and latte. See our recipes for the variety of coffee drinks you can make.

using presso
The Presso coffee maker will make a double espresso.

Put 2 spoons of ground coffee into the filter and press down firmly using the base of the spoon/tamp.

lock the filter/spoon to presso by turning it to the left.

Place a cup centrally on the base and with its arms down pour freshly boiled water into the transparent cylinder to the upper line on the piston.

Gently raise the arms to the top position, wait a short while and lower the arms in a single smooth motion to press the water through the coffee. Hold in the down position until all the water has passed through.

Add warm frothed milk for cappuccino or latte.

cleaning presso
To clean the presso coffee maker simply remove the coffee filter spoon by turning to the right, knock out the coffee ‘cake’ into a bin and rinse off any remaining coffee grounds that may be left on the body.

Do not put the presso coffee maker through a dishwasher. The salts will destroy the high quality finish.


As espresso uses relatively little water it is important to warm up both the apparatus and the cups.
If you are using a mug for cappuccino/latte start by placing the filter/spoon into the cup with the handle sticking up and pour in boiling water until all the metal is covered. Leave for around a minute.
If you are using small espresso cups then warm these through by placing on the presso drip tray and flush with boiling water with the filter/spoon attached.

Coffee has oils and flavours which are extracted into the passing water using pressure. The Presso coffee maker allows you to give as much or little pressure as you like. Pressure is controlled by both the coffee grounds and the strength you use in the pressing.

coffee grounds
The best coffee to use is freshly ground beans from a home grinder. Use the espresso/fine setting.
Carbon Dioxide is released from the beans which helps give a lovely brown/caramel foam called crema. Alternatively use freshly opened pre-ground coffee intended for espresso machines. Fill the filter basket with the grounds and tamp down firmly. Ensure that the filter/spoon is locked firmly in place onto the body of presso coffee maker.

After filling the clear cylinder with hot water and raising the arms let the water infuse the grounds for around 15 seconds. Try gripping the arms near the ends and press down firmly to the bottom. Hold in this position until coffee stops flowing into the cups. To extract all the water from the coffee raise the arms and press again. The extraction should take around 20 seconds.

The easiest way to warm milk is in the microwave. It can be frothed using a powered whisk straight in the cup or in a frothing jug where a plunger is pumped up and down repeatedly. Milk can also be warmed in a pan on the stove. Follow the manufacturers instructions for the advice you have.