I received my Presso a few weeks ago after finding
some reviews online about the device.
I was worried about some concerns that people in the
UK had about certain weak points on the unit but was
very happy to see that the latest design looks and
feels rock solid, it looks like a complete re-work of
the “areas of concern” that could break.
The unit is a stunning piece and looks wonderful on
any countertop, the ease of use and cleaning is mind
blowing and only takes a few minutes to complete the
whole process.
I have been using this unit at least 2-3 times per day
since I have received it and can honestly say that
I’ve never had coffee like this in my life.
The manual milk frother is also an ingenious device and
makes plenty of froth/foam to your liking in only a
minute or two.
I highly recommend both this unit and
PressoAmerica.com, I have since ordered a 2nd one to
ship to my mother and am looking to purchase a 3rd
shortly for my girl friend too.
For the quality workmanship, great tasting product and
beautiful design one cannot find anything to come
close to this for even double the price.

Sheldon Botha, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Presso has character; thoughts of penguins and fat butlers raced through my mind as I unpacked and looked at it (him/her??). Having successfully made and consumed my first espresso from The Presso, I can report it is an extremely solid piece of engineering, and superbly easy to use. I can see that I will be able to experiment with coffees, grinding fineness, pressure, and just tweaking the way I use it – no doubt to produce the most perfect (no apologies for truism or whatever “most perfect” is) espresso in the world! I had been toying with getting one of those machines that work on steam/pump pressure, but at an exorbitantly price, plus maxed out credit cards, I was forced to rethink. I believe The Presso probably offers more style, fun, inventiveness, financial guiltlessness and superber(?!?) espresso than the other machines anyway. Plus I’ll probably take it/him/her on vacation with me too! Many thanks for your prompt service.

Chris Newbold, Wallington, Surrey

I have always been a coffee lover and have tried many different coffee machines, but to my delight this past November was my fifteen wedding anniversary, and I received a Presso coffee machine from pressoamerica.com which in my opinion is the best coffee machine I have ever had. That same day I used it and I was kind of skeptical, but to my surprise I found it was easy to use, the coffee taste great, and cleaning it does not take more than two minutes. The machine is great for espressos as well as cappuccinos. The Presso machine even comes with a milk frother you can’t beat that. I have to say this is a great gift for anyone who enjoys coffee. I can’t say enough about this coffee machine. You can even keep it outside in your kitchen counter since it’s also very stylish. If you are a coffee lover like me you will really enjoy this machine.

Dyan A., Miami, FL

What a great machine! This will be the third in our family, as I join my adult daughter and recent college graduate son who already use Presso. Really, a wonderful product.

Hollis Bredeweg, Spokane, WA

I LOVE MY PRESSO!! I’ve had it for almost a full year now, and it gets used at least 6 times a week. It’s well built, takes up little counter space and makes a great espresso. Although it may not be the ‘perfect’ Espresso that a true connoisseur demands, it is far superior to the blah espresso one gets from those $1000 automatic machines. Being a minimalist, I love the fact that it’s a simple machine with no plugs, no gizmos to go wrong and no water tanks to worry about cleaning. As someone who drinks high grade coffee every day, I can honestly say that its my Presso and Chemex that makes for the most enjoyable coffee experience. Life just wouldn’t be as fun without my Presso.

Rick Frecska, Milwaukee, WI

Had heard about the presso about 6 months ago but could not get one in China, Taiwan. My coffee loving friends overseas got a Presso, told me how good it was and so I asked them to get one for me. My presso looks stylish and great in the kitchen and its the talking point of all my friends who see it. Its made of very strong alloy and must weigh 2.5 kgs. The finish is very smooth. The instructions have been very clear with some useful tips also to help with use. It took me a little while to perfect the way I like my espresso shot from the Presso, but now I can achieve a perfect coffee again and again. The fact that you can change the grind, how hard you can press them and adjust the water pressure make this machine such fun to use. It’s so basic and looks so good its like a great Classic car! I start the day with a latte and two shots of espresso form my Presso on top. I own 3 other Espresso machines (one cost more than US$ 1000) they all make a good coffee, but the Presso is much more fun to use.

Charles Lee, Taiwan

The annoyance of being woken from my sleep by the postman was swiftly nullified when i saw the Presso box. 5 min later i was cradleing one of the finest, non shop bought, coffees i’ve ever had. In fact, stuff the coffee shops, i’m staying home with my double shot americano and playing with this amazingly stylish machine.

Sam, Guildford