The cultivation of coffee began sometime in the fifteenth century and was produced in…hang on; all you busy coffee connoisseurs out there don’t care about that. You just wanna drink the stuff.

Perhaps that’s why coffee is currently enjoying such a huge upsurge in popularity. The average high street is crammed full of trendy Central Perk-style coffee shops, and the coffee cognoscenti are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying beans, granules and grounds. The problem is, in order to achieve that genuine café-vibe at home, you usually have to take out a mortgage on one of those ultra-complicated contraptions that requires a degree in geothermal energy just to switch on.

Of course you can always buy instant coffee, but it just doesn’t taste the same. What’s more, people of a certain age will forever associate the stuff with that bloke off The Avengers waving a fistful of beans at the camera in a highly suggestive manner.

Perhaps this is why the ingenious Presso Coffee Makers has been causing such a sensation. This multi award-winning device is a manually operated espresso/latte maker that produces the pressure needed for making café quality coffee at home. And it really works!

Looking like an oversized version of a lever corkscrew, the stylish Presso Coffee Makers is a beautifully engineered bit of kit that will grace any surface. All you have to do to create the perfect espresso is fill the steel filter with the coffee of your choice, attach it to the presso via the authentic café-style chrome holder and pour boiling water into the heat proof cylinder on the top (holds up to 2 espresso cups).

Next you lift the lever arms into position and pull them down. This action forces the water through the coffee at high pressure to deliver a perfect café quality brew into your waiting cup.

The whole Presso Coffee Makers process takes seconds. We really can’t stress what a complete easy task it is. In fact, it’s so practical and easy to use we predict the Presso Coffee Makers could soon become as ubiquitous as the good old teapot. Grazie and arrivederci!


6 easy steps to make great coffee:

1. Put ground coffee into the filter spoon and compress

2. Lock the filter spoon into place

3. Pour in just boiled water

4. Raise the arms to the top position

5. Press firmly downwards to the bottom position and hold

6. Drink and enjoy


* presso, chrome portafilter , combined coffee spoon/tamp, milk frother, recipes and instructions

* Cups not included and the 2 cup adapter has been discontinued

Please Note:

* The Presso coffee maker is made from polished aluminum